About Agents of Umeå

How to better explain the true beauty of the Umeå region than to let the people do it? We chose to let agents of Umeå show what it’s all about. We’re looking for agents who are willing to take on the mission to show everyone on our Snapchat why they need to visit Umeå. Is it the beautiful nature? The charming locals? Maybe it’s simply a place where you feel welcome.


How does it all work?

Apply to become an Agent

If you are willing to take on the mission you can click the link below. Fill out the form and explain what you'd like to show our followers on Snapchat. You have now taken the first step of becoming an Agent.


Wait for a reply

We will contact you if we think you got what it takes! When the time comes, you'll get access to our Snapchat account with a top secret password. Now go make us proud!

Enjoy your period

Now it’s your time to shine - and show the beauty of the region the way you want to. Take photos and record the awesomeness you experience!

Mission accomplished!

You have now proven yourself to be a worthy Agent of Umeå. We are proud to have had you in our squad, but it’s time to let other Agents take over. We will remove your access to the account, but we are thankful for your participation.

Get rewarded

You will now be rewarded for you time as an Agent. You will recieve coupons with discounts in stores in the Umeå region. You will also recieve a certificate which verify your contribution.

Keep following us on Snapchat

Hopefully there'll be many more Agents to come, so keep supporting your fellow Agents by following @visitumea on Snapchat!

Snaps taken by our Agents

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